Physical Treatments

At Black and Banton we provide comprehensive physical health services from prevention, through diagnosis and treatment to referral.

We assess

symptoms, recent or past injuries and general health, to identify whether these could be causing or contributing to the current symptoms. We investigate postural, functional and ergonomic issues including testing of joints, muscles and connective tissues with a comprehensive analysis of the working environment

We diagnose

complex conditions by our highly qualified musculoskeletal practitioners who are trained to give detailed prognoses, enabling managers to plan for their employee’s recovery process

We provide

  • information, reassurance and advice to stay active
  • advice about pain control and management
  • manual musculoskeletal therapy techniques: soft-tissue massage, joint
  • mobilisation, stretching, postural and breathing exercises and lymphatic drainage
  • a focus on regaining functional capacity
  • rehabilitation and return-to-work training
The foundation of occupational health is keeping your workforce well enough to do their job. Your employees are your company’s most valuable resource, but often the most expensive too – especially when they are ill and unable to work.
We ensure that you employ staff who meet your capability criteria
We help you fulfil your legal obligations
We help you to manage sickness absence
We organise health promotion activities
We make sure that your staff experience dignity at work
We help reduce risks, for example, back pain and repetitive strain injury
We provide all the occupational health services a business needs, no matter what it’s size.
We have an extensive range of training designed to meet your legal obligations and to aid in staff or personal development.
We offer a comprehensive drugs and alcohol service for companies looking to minimise the disruption abuse of these can cause.
We can provide any vaccination any employee might need, including role-specific vaccinations, travel vaccinations, Yellow Fever and flu vaccinations.
We provide comprehensive physical health services from prevention, through diagnosis and treatment to referral where necessary.
We can provide confidential counselling at our Gateshead clinic, over the phone or at a person’s workplace or home.