Occupational Health Crisis Support

Black and Banton are offering robust occupational health services (OH) during the COVID-19 crisis.

Black and Banton can help to ensure those within the workplace are safe and remain well through:
  • Risk assessments and advising on appropriate controls
  • Ensuring workers are well enough to be in work, in roles that need to continue
  • Antibody testing to covid 19 (92 – 97.8% reliability
  • Advice on redeployment to suitable roles based on vulnerability
  • Face fit testing
  • Providing advice on vulnerable workers falling outside of the government advice
  • Ensuring safety critical workers are fit to work/drive
  • Transport medicals
  • Safety critical medicals
  • Health surveillance adapted to meet Covid-19 guidance with safe distancing measures and symptoms seeking questionnaires remotely where possible
  • Travel vaccine and anti-malarials when travel restriction is lifted

Advise on home working including:

  • Workstation ergonomics
  • Advising on and providing mental health support
  • Assessing those for whom health is worsening by being isolated/at home


How can employers support faster return to work without tests?

Employers can still take several good practice steps to encourage staff return to work at a time that is appropriate to protect their health and that of colleagues, but without any avoidable delay.

They include:

  • Maintaining absence records for every individual’s absence to build and maintain a clear picture of the return to work challenge.
  • Providing line managers and team leaders with clear expectations around their role and contribution in managing returns to work.
  • Incorporate correct current expert guidance about the disease and isolation timelines, so line managers take actions and make calls to employees promptly and at the right time.
  • Ensuring managers have support HR business partners and Occupational Health service providers, to provide additional advice when needed, and clear routes to escalate any problems or refer a case on to a specialist.
  • Having psychological support from employee assistance, counsellors in recognition that the concerns staff may have about returning to work will often extend beyond whether they are physically ready to return. Social and mental health factors may include anxiety about personal exposure to risk upon return to the workplace, and about whether working outside the home could bring risk to vulnerable or shielded household members. Staff may also have ongoing caring responsibilities to consider.
  • Assuring that operating workplaces, whether these are vehicles, checkouts, manufacturing plants or construction sites, are continuously reviewed and adjusted in line with official advice to be as clean, safe and risk-free as possible.

Having good policies and processes for managing not only absence but engagement with staff around their health has become business critical now, as never before. Decisions at board level are required to plan a return to more normal working and to look after their workforce in the meantime. Black and Banton can help with this support through good occupational health advice.

We provide all the occupational health services a business needs, no matter what it’s size.
We have an extensive range of training designed to meet your legal obligations and to aid in staff or personal development.
We offer a comprehensive drugs and alcohol service for companies looking to minimise the disruption abuse of these can cause.
We can provide any vaccination any employee might need, including role-specific vaccinations, travel vaccinations, Yellow Fever and flu vaccinations.
We provide comprehensive physical health services from prevention, through diagnosis and treatment to referral where necessary.
We can provide confidential counselling at our Gateshead clinic, over the phone or at a person’s workplace or home.